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Elevator and Escalator Accident Attorney Miami

Elevator accident

When you have been injured by an escalator or elevator, there are many potentially liable parties. Lawsuits of this nature are notoriously hard for even the best Miami injury attorney, as he or she will be required to do a lot of research to uncover the person or company responsible for your injuries.

While you may feel all alone when you have been involved in an accident like this, you are not. Over 11,000 people are injured in escalator and elevator injuries every year and 27 of those people die from their injuries. The most common injuries resulting from accidents of this nature are brain injuries, limb amputations, disfigurement and death.

Hugh Can Help You Figure Out Who Is Responsible For Your Elevator Or Escalator Accident

There are generally three parties that may be responsible for an escalator or elevator injury: the person or company that owns the property; the company that makes the elevators; or the person or company that maintains the device. Your Miami elevator accident lawyer can help you evaluate who is liable for the injuries your sustained.

In most of these situations, the property owner will be responsible, as they were expected to maintain the machine in a safe manner. To prove the owner's liability, your Miami injury attorney will need to prove that the owner was aware of the device's problems but failed to fix it. Finding this evidence may require research through company logs, witness interviews, repairman testimony, purchase documents and operating permits.

If the device was victim of a design or manufacturing error, the company that created and sold the elevator or escalator may be at fault. In these situations, it was the company's duty to be aware of such errors and initiate a recall if they were found to be dangerous. Your Miami accident attorney may sue this company under product liability statutes if they prove to be responsible.

Lastly, the injury may be due to a dishonest maintenance company. Some companies and repairmen will lie about the frequency of their maintenance and inspections in order to get paid for doing nothing. If their inaction resulted in your injury, they will be at fault.

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When you have been victimized by a faulty escalator or elevator, contact The Law Firm. Call our accident law office today for your free initial consultation.

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