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Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer Miami

Attorney For Drowning And Swimming Pool Injuries In FL

Swimming pool accident

In the U.S. thousands of people fall victim to swimming pool accidents each year. According to Foundation for Aquatic Injury Prevention (FAIP), an estimated 5,000 children under 15 years of age are hospitalized and some experience severe, permanent disability. Many swimming pool accidents occur in residential pools and open water sites including; spas, hot tubs, and Jacuzzis.

If you or a loved one has experienced a swimming pool accident injury or died due to drowning, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. Only a skilled Miami swimming pool accident attorney can help. Contact the Bernstein Law Firm and speak with our experienced Miami accident lawyer.

Our Miami Injury Lawyer Can Help You Secure Compensation

At the Bernstein Law Firm, we understand how devastating a swimming pool accident, drowning, or near-drowning accident can be. Swimming pool accidents can result in permanent injuries that lead to high medical expenses, treatments, and pain and suffering. Our Miami injury and accident attorney will work hard to receive the compensation you deserve to cover for medical bills, treatments, emotional trauma, and other damages.

A majority of swimming pool and drowning accidents occur as the result of improper pool designs, maintenance, and lack of pool fences or coverings. It is up to the property owner to make sure they provide a safe swimming pool area for both adults and children. If they fail to do so the owner can be held liable for injuries and fatal accidents.

Contact A Miami Swimming Pool Accident Attorney Today From Our Law Firm

If you have experienced a serious swimming pool accident injury and believe it was due to negligence by the owner, contact our Miami swimming pool accident attorney today. We will review your case, determine the cause, and help you file a law suit. In addition, we will explain all your options, and pursue the highest compensation possible for your case.

To set up your FREE consultation with an experienced Miami injury and accident lawyer, please contact the Bernstein Law Firm today.

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