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An insurance adjustor's job is to protect the insurance company by paying as little money as possible, or no money at all to a claimant. Adjustors are usually very polite and friendly to make a claimant feel at ease, to make the claimant think that the adjustor is working in the claimant's behalf. In reality, the adjustor and insurance company are only interested in resolving the claim as cheaply as possible.

Insurance Claim Adjustors Are Not Working On Your Behalf

Insurance investigators or adjustors are skilled in their approach to minimize the claimant's perception of the severity of his or her own injuries, and to persuade the claimant that he or she is partially, or fully responsible for the accident, even though the occurrence may have been the fault of the other party.

Even in claims for property damage only, adjustors will also use similar efforts to minimize the amount of damage or value of your claim.

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