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Every day, chemical toxins enter the air, soil, ground water and oceans. While most people realize that this is bad news for the environment, it is important to realize that humans are also part of the fragile ecosystem and these toxins can drastically affect our health and the wellbeing of our children. Unfortunately, the effects of dangerous chemicals often take years to show up and when a whole community starts to notice an outbreak of cancer or birth defects, it can often be hard to trace exactly who is responsible for the problems. If you believe your family or community may be affected by toxic chemicals, please call a skilled Miami personal injury attorney.

Thousands of people suffer adverse affects from chemical exposure every year. It can take lots of research and investigation to properly understand who is responsible for these problems though, which is why it is so important to contact a Miami personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Our Accident Lawyer Can Help You Get Compensation

Common toxins in our environment include factory waste, pesticides, toxic waste, radiation, toxic mold and manganese fumes. If you know you have been exposed to any of these chemicals, please call our offices as soon as you notice ill effects that may be related to the exposure. Common injuries related to these problems include chemical burns, cancer, birth defects, brain damage, liver injuries and heart disease.

After your Miami personal injury attorney is able to identify the type of toxin that has caused your suffering, we will then work on identifying the party responsible for the exposure. Once this has been achieved, we can take legal action against the people who have harmed your family and your community.

When you believe your family is suffering due to exposure to toxins, please call The Bernstein Law Firm and schedule an appointment with a Miami personal injury lawyer.