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Auto Accidents or Truck Accidents - Life-Changing Impact

Auto or truck accidents can result in serious, life-changing injuries. We specialize in cases involving serious physical injuries including spinal cord injuries, bone fractures, brain injuries, amputations and even death.

Auto Accidents or Truck Accidents – Medical Treatment and Expenses

It is not only the physical injuries that impact a car accident victim's life. One of the first questions we often hear from accident victims is "will I be able to pay my medical bills?" Medical expenses for serious injuries can cost millions of dollars and may continue throughout your lifetime. We will assist you in getting them paid.

Auto Accidents or Truck Accidents - We are here to help:

Auto Accidents or Truck Accidents - Many Different Causes

The Law Firm represents people injured in many different types of auto or truck accidents. These include car or truck accidents caused by driver error, including:

Other factors that can contribute to a car or truck accident, even when there may not be negligence on the part of a driver:

Also, a car or truck accident may be caused by a vehicle defect, such as:

Auto or Truck Accident Lawyers - Experience Matters

When you contact us after a car or truck accident, you will speak directly to an experienced Miami Personal Injury Lawyer. The Law Firm has specialized in helping victims involved in auto accidents move quickly to resolve their accident related claims and treat their accident related injuries.

We begin our cases by investigating the accident scene, researching the accident and collecting all available evidence. Our auto accident or truck accident attorneys often work with investigators and accident re-constructionists and analyze statements, skid marks, and vehicle damage, and determine how the accident occurred, whose fault it was, and whether anyone did anything to make your damages worse. We use this information, along with your recollection of the accident, and present you with an objective evaluation of your case.

The Law Firm will help you get all the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of activities, lost economic opportunities and wages, and medical expenses to help you get your life back on track.

Our free and confidential consultation allows you to ask us questions about your case. We are available to come to you if you are unable to travel. We will enforce for your rights against the insurance companies, other negligent drivers, or any anyone else responsible for the damages you suffered. We promise to make sure that your rights are protected.

Contact Our Miami Auto Accident or Truck Accident Lawyers

If you have been a victim of an auto accident or truck accident, please contact us. Our firm can be reached by phone at 305-670-8877 or 1-877-670-8877.